It may or may not feel like April where you are. Here in Cleveland, it’s the Indians opening day but the ground is dusted with snow, and I’m still wearing my winter coat to walk the dog.

So it almost goes without saying that Amy Heitman’s sweet array of spring cards offer a welcome warm-weather escape, if only on paper, in addition to her signature nostalgic, homespun vibe.

“The inspiration for the collection came from our move last year. We relocated our studio from the Chicago area to a small town outside Grand Rapids, Michigan,” she told me. “We are now surrounded by the woods, and just a mile down the road from the county fairgrounds where they hold the county fair every year. It’s pretty charming. Our town even has its own horse named Pickles!”

Perhaps that’s Pickles making an appearance below?

Now I’m craving a piece of pie, perhaps enjoyed from beneath a cozy, crazy quilt! Amy is so smart with trends, knowing when to indulge and when to take a pass, design by design. When it comes to foil for example (an overused trend if there ever were one), she knows when to really use it, hold back, or just dabble a tiny bit. To do so and still create a cohesive collection is no easy task! Shop them all here, or see them in person at National Stationery Show, Booth 1640!
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