Looking for fun stocking stuffers, or perhaps gifts for around the office? Then you have got to check out offerings from Knock Knock — interestingly, they somehow left that task off the pad below.


Their expansive range of sticky notes are seasoned with just the right amount of wit and snark, and includes themed and unthemed varieties, plus a new addition: Great Sticky Notes, for when you’ve got a lot to say.


12471_BeMerry_3Q 12474_WishList_3Q 12475_Yay_3Q 12476_BestWork_3Q 12477_Dude_3Q 12536_Urgent_Pad_3Q



Shop all the Sticky Notes here — regular sizes are $3.99, while the larger sizes are $6.

Knock Knock is not only offering free shipping on all orders over $35, and if you spend $20 through 12/15, they’ll throw in a Awesome Citation Nifty Notes (seen above), just for being you! 12476_BestWork_Hero

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