I’d mentioned last week that I’d yet to get our holiday cards, but thanks to Three Designing Women, I’m at least partially set to go with my brand-new, self-inking, personalized stamp. It works on envelopes as well as any imaginable paper surface — think gift tags, invitations, bookplates, correspondence, gift-wrap, recipes  — and the company recently unveiled several engaging designs just for the holiday season.


I chose the snowflake design whose template you can see below. Far more alluring than the real thing, I was thrilled that all our names, even that of our dog, fit.


It is easy (and fun) to switch around ink cartridge colors on the stamp — and better still, there are 23 to choose from — and you can shop them at both a bevy of online retailers. But, I would really recommend seeing them in person at a nearby retailer if at all possible when picking yours. There are just so many great designs to choose from, I think that will help simplify the selection process! However, if you can’t pick just one, you can get more than one design and swap it out on the stamp to your heart’s content.







The stamps retail between $29- $49, and after having played around with mine a bit, it’s not difficult to see why these snappy contraptions have won 10 Trendy Awards! We’ll see if they make it to 11 this year — I know they’ll have my vote!


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