A business card says volumes about its owner without actually speaking a word — and sites like Pinterest have elevated them into palm-sized art forms. Replete with edge printing, foil and letterpress accents, embossing, blind embossing and custom portraits, they are as much a showcase for the designer as they are the bearer.

I am a big fan of the ‘less is more’ rule, however, and sometimes that certain je ne sais quoi can be attained by just switching up one element — for example, a card’s shape. That is exactly what MOO has done, recently unveiling square business cards that start at just $17.24 (reduced from $22.99) for 50. You have to hurry though, the sale ends tonight at 11:59 p.m.!

To promote these geometrics, designers at MOO have imagined what the two business cards would have looked like for seven of fiction and pop culture’s most famous double-dealing characters. Each has been designed a classic business card to reflect their humdrum day jobs — and an eye-catching square business card for their off-hour secret identities.

After all, it’s the top-secret double life that makes these characters so interesting — and that actually rings true for so many talented people today, who often express their creative passions entirely apart from their day jobs. A recent survey by MOO reveals that 41% of respondents made an average of $3,207-$5,523 per year from their passion projects in the past two years.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukFirst up below is Walter White, AKA Heisenberg, arguably the most famous double-life character in recent years. For his ‘daytime’ business card, the designers imagined what the stationery for the J.P. Wynne High School, where he teaches, would look like. For his alter ego, the designers re-created the iconic Heisenberg sketch of the mysterious man with glasses, beard and hat.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukThe designers created a plain and understated Daily Planet business card for reporter Clark Kent, while Superman’s celebrates his iconic colors and cape with a blur of red on a blue background, along with his own tagline and even a hashtag. Both are in a green finish to reflect his commitment to saving the planet.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukThe business card for CEO Bruce Wayne is suitably smart and professional, befitting a millionaire playboy, whereas Batman’s is dark, simple and Gothic, with one side showing his famous logo lit up. A white Luxe seam on the side finish reflects the beam of light surrounding the bat emblem.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukInspired by Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992), when Catwoman was assistant to the sinister business mogul Max Shreck, her ‘by day’ card has a Luxe red seam finish. Meanwhile, Catwoman’s card has a gloss finish to match her black leather suit.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is perhaps the most famous split personality, and each cards respectively highlights the character’s light and dark sides, both printed with a simple classic finish.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukDorian Grey’s  business cards reflect his by-day gentleman status, while his Square Business Card mirrors his hedonistic unravelling with a Luxe black seam along the side.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukThe balloonist Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs from Omaha, Nebraska, is unknown to most, however his alter ego – The Wizard of Oz – is revered as the supreme ruler of Oz. While Oscar’s ‘by day’ business card has a simple design featuring a hot-air balloon, his Square Business Card is opulent green with a gloss, jewel-like finish befitting his posh Emerald City address.

www.robwilsonphotography.co.ukMOO was kind enough to let me create Square Business Cards for my alter ego — that is, a blogger here — so I got to try out their ordering software and see the results. These were easy to put together — MOO’s Printifinity technology allows for up to 50 different images to be printed on the back of each card in the pack— but I stuck to just one image.

I selected their Luxe range, printed on Mohawk’s aptly named Superfine paper, and I am so knocked out by the results that parting with even one of these babies will be a struggle! The paper itself is incredibly, incredibly sumptuous, and the seam of blue running through the card’s side is simultaneously simple, subtle and impressive. The box arrived beautifully packaged, wrapped just as meticulously as I try to present my work. What an amazing gift to oneself — and to one’s growing brand!



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