A website redesign is a lofty task — and the best ones have a sort of seamless transformation to them: They are undoubtedly new, but feel like a logical evolution of the brand.

And the newly relaunched giddy paperie is everything any fan of the exquisite watercolor range could hope for: breezy, light, engaging and very freespirited!The time was ripe, owner and artist Leslie Chalfont told me. “So much has changed since we first launched giddy in 2013, from social media to photo styling and shopping not just online, but on your phone! We had taken our website as far as we could and decided to upgrade. We found a design team that could translate our goals onto the the ‘big screen’ of the Internet.”

Working with photographer, Kristen Hechler and website design firm, Nicely Built, Leslie’s goal was to make the site feel like her brand: fresh, whimsical and fun. She wanted it to be easy for clients to feel connected to the brand — and see how easy art can be a part of everyday living, from writing notes, to drying dishes, to creating a pretty setting in one’s home. “Between the many hours of selecting styles, fonts, colors, photos and layouts, we pulled it all together!” Leslie finished.

Shop by category — notecards and stationery; desk worthy; home goods; holiday; party pieces; prints and tea towels — or by collection — Oh My Citrus!; Desk Your Desk; Kitchen Sink; or On the Map. However you approach them, giddy’s goods are impeccably and irresistibly styled!







“The whole process was truly a labor of love that we are happy to now deliver!” Leslie finished. That’s Leslie with her daughter and PR afficinado Lauren in life and in watercolor below.Check it out for yourself to start your Monday on a gorgeous design note!

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