At its core, this new range from Someday Designs is about something beautiful coming out of something horrible. The product was actually delivered to my house literally just as I was thinking I needed a really, really nice thank-you note for someone who had been incredibly kind to me — and I felt like writing it on something new. (Also, I didn’t feel like searching around my office).

The box was from Judy and Ann at Someday Designs — and talk about serendipity! The presentation of these folded notes (not to mention the notes themselves) encapsulated everything I was looking for. The silken box is topped with my name, hand-written in an elegant, golden script and surrounded by two crystals.

Inside, tucked in with ribbon, were two stacks of notes — one side was blank on front, while the other reads “thank you.” Both were exquisitely foiled on both front and back and play into my favorite new paper passion — stationery that’s either tiny or oversized. But the posh box is such a great repository for them — and even has a pocket for holding stamps or what-have-you.


Ann and Judy told me more about the product via email. It started about a year ago, when a young family member of Judy’s died following a long illness, and the family was devastated. “We decided to make a special gift intended to bring comfort one day,” they told me. “We fashioned a keepsake box with a fancy die cut card that said “ In Loving Memory” that we attached to the outer box top. Inside we included die cut cards with ‘Sarah’ written across the top. The cards and box were placed on a table at the funeral home, and later at the family home for visitors to write notes or special memories to the family.”

They had no idea how it would be received, and were “overjoyed to find that it comforted the family (and) also assisted visitors in verbalizing what was in their hearts,” they told me. “They were thankful for a means (to) say what they wanted during such a difficult time —  but didn’t have the courage to say to the family directly.”

Afterwards, several mourners requested something similar, and Judy and Ann realized that there wasn’t anything else like this. And so this keepsake range, ideal for everything from baby showers to weddings, was born. Some offerings are designed for parents to write notes to their children for them to read later.  “In a time when text messages are how we commonly communicate, we wanted to take a step back and create a product that inspires people to really connect from the heart,” they told me.

 Embellishments can be calligraphed — like mine was — and there are several other options as well.

final - baby suite - for handout - A2 copy final - love suite copy final - wedding suite for wedding - new copyThis story is not over quite yet — a few weeks later, I was judging Best New Product at signature mix marketplace, and stumbled across this range in the Luxury category. I have mentioned before how a vote from me is often the kiss of death in these competitions, but I went ahead and voted for it regardless. And, Judy and Ann won!

Congratulations to you both, and thank you again for sending me that amazing sample! I will use them sparingly, just when I need just that perfect luxe note. Oh, and if you are a consumer or wholesaler interested in this product, definitely reach out to Ann & Judy!

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