It seems like I feel this way about nearly every cover of Stationery Trends, but I really, really adored the image we selected for our winter issue, of Egg PressSocial Preparedness Kits. Because of our logo and other verbiage, it can be hard to make a photo work — but this one looks as though it were specifically shot for the issue (which it was not).

The mission of the collection is that letter-writing can be easy and inspired, and that having the right card on hand and a way to organize both your thoughts and supplies can mean the difference between just thinking of someone and actually letting them know you’re thinking of them. This is an especially timely concept to share with our readers.ST_Winter15_Cover

A while after the issue dropped, I received a completely unexpected (but very welcome) thank you: a very sweet note from Egg Press’ Kara Yanagawa, plus a Pistachio Social Preparedness Kit of my very own and a large Tiles Canvas Pouch.  They are both so adorable in person!

While the sturdy pouch is designed to hold cards and postage, as its chic letterpressed label helpfully points out, it has many uses — I like to stow notebooks and pens in pouches of this size when I travel for work. Regardless of what you use it for, it is indeed thoughtful as hell. No cheap import this, a lot of thought went into every detail as it was screen-printed and sewn by hand. I love the little label with the SPK birdie icon.


The Social Preparedness Kit itself is packaged on a swank American-made mint melamine tray. The letterpressed belly band neatly holds 4 thanks and 4 blanks, all featuring Egg Press’ signature all-over patterns. Everything is printed by hand, one at a time, each color necessitating its own print run, in Portland, Oregon.

In April, Egg Press and Hello!Lucky are again doing their WRITE_ON initiative, where they challenged themselves and others to write 30 letters in 30 days. They gave away four letterpress cards to anyone who was interested — and that ended up translating into some 8,000 cards! I will definitely share more details as I hear them here.


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