The Michigan-based house of design Inklings Paperie does more than simply release stationery, it creates experiences to surprise and delight. And its latest holiday releases are testament to that very idea!

Flurrygrams and North Pole Snow cards cleverly dispense sparkly flakes that, when combined with water, grow to 100 times their size for a snowy encounter, no matter the climate in which you reside. 

The snowy substance is is actually a highly-absorbent, non-toxic USA-made polymer — the same material that directors use on movie sets. Inklings combines it with glitter for a bit of extra shine. Here’s a peek at the Flurrygram in action.

The packaging and presentation give both a festive flair. If you want to reuse your snow, spread it out on a plastic surface to dry. Within 48 hours, the water will evaporate and your snow will return to its original state so you can make it all over again. And, when you’re all done, add the sparkly granules to soil in flower pots to maintain moisture. Shop them here for $6 a pop!

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