Whenever I hear of a fabulous new paper, I wonder how I’ll see it used — and Sirio Ultra Black, now available from Legion Paper, is no exception.

The most intense shade of black satin-smooth text and cover paper ever produced by a paper mill, it is machine-made and refined in Italy by Fedrigoni.

It seems to have appeared at the perfect time, as I’m seeing so many colorful designs on black these days. But enough chatter, let’s go to the video, shall we?

Available in several basis weights, it takes well to letterpress, foiling, embossing and debossing and so far has been used for many applications — packaging, brochures, printmaking and of course invitations.

 Sirio_ultra_black sirio_560 sirio_newsletter2 sirop

Legion’s Paige Clark told me that they introduced this to their customers through an email blast at the end of January and have been getting a ton of inquiries for samples.

I can only hope that means I’ll see it in action at National Stationery Show this May!


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