The Valentine’s season (yes, it’s now a season, not a day) is one of my favorite times of the year. Countering the frigid temperatures, red-hot love and romance fill the air — and then there is the annual challenge to find just the perfect card for sweethearts and dear friends alike.

I am all about hitting the neighborhood brick-and-mortar, but sometimes that’s just not possible — and thankfully there are plenty of entrepreneurs presenting exquisitely curated collections that you can shop from the comfort of your computer.

Witness Crumple & Toss, opened last June by Kristina Burkey. She told me, “I got into stationery because I freakin LOVE PAPER. I have ever since I was little. Cutting it, folding it, drawing on it … I remember my mom would send me to the store for ONE thing and I would come home with that, plus a card for everyone I know for whatever holiday was next on the docket.”IMG_8322Welcome to the industry, Kristina! You’re among like-minded spirits here. While she expects her brand to evolve, she describes it as a flower with thorny branches. “I LOVE pretty pretty things,” Kristina observed. “I carry and Rifle Paper, their girly aesthetic really appeals to that side of me. I love glitter and hot pink and flowers! Buuuut I also adore the spicy side of humor, highlighted by brands like Bench Pressed and Near Modern Disaster. I think anyone can have two sides to their coin and that’s ok! Variety is the spice of life, right? And a surprise laugh is the best kind of all!”

IMG_8324I don’t know about you, but I could look at these images all day. I want them all — and my office could already double as a (messy) card store.

Looking beyond Valentine’s Day, Kristina also pays special attention to occasions “that get a bum rap. I like to carry modern designs for the Jewish holidays, because I think they are supremely under-represented.”

There is a lot of frighteningly hideous Judaica out there, so prettying up that segment is a cause close to my heart! Now that is a noble cause.

Another category Kristina seeks to represent well is “really awesome sympathy cards,” she noted. “In the worst times you want to sentiment to be just right. You never know! Your message could be just the thing that gives your bummin’ loved one a smile, even just for a second.”

So stop in and browse Crumple & Toss. There’s still plenty of time to get those Valentine’s cards shipped, and you never know what else you’ll find!


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