I can’t speak to the scientific validity of aromatherapy, but it sure as heck makes me feel better while I’m ill. And I’m a complete and utter geek for Soap & Paper Factory — the “paper” actually alludes to this maker’s early start as a stationery company.

S&P still has so much love for surface design, not to mention the little details from wax seals to gold foil at the edges of their die-cut labels. These paraben- and sulfate-free Luxe Bubble Baths are $30 each and promise a heady, bubbly experience each time! Each fragrance is so pure, you immediately recognize they’re in a whole different category than cheaper, synthetic bath & body products.
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Meanwhile, their artisanal soaps are just that, little masterpieces of function & form. Packed with Shea Butter, they are just as gorgeous inside as they look and smell. You’re sure to find one you can’t resist here!


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