National Stationery Show is less than a month off, which means that it’s one of my favorite times of year: Announcements and mailers of every conceivable stripe are hitting my mailbox and in-box. 

Here’s one that makes me want to pack my bags and hit the show floor already: #rollindirty2015. This collaboration of four American letterpress printmakers has funny running through their veins — as well as soy ink in various shades, I suspect.  

“We have such a good time at NSS, we decided to create a neighborhood of funny,” Nancy of pixies & porcupines told me. “Not only will it be fun for us but it will make it easier for buyers. Our humor is similar but each with a unique spin, (so) we thought together we could share laughter and an appreciation of letterpress.”

So, without further ado, let me introduce stationery’s own Fab Four. 

Hailing from Minneapolis, Bench Pressed is the brainchild of Jane and Andy Shannon. It was founded on the idea that life is short and work should be fun — and needs to include beer, tacos & new shoes. Their offerings deftly walk the fine line between sweetness and snark.

BenchPressed_PRMary Bruno inherited her press form her dad and creates Bruno Press’ wares the Old School way, with hand set wood and lead type and images carved from linoleum. However her attitude, opinions and humor are completely her own! This St. Joseph, Minnesota, presser is also a LOUIE Award finalist for holiday cards.
Describing herself as a “modern day intellectual stripper with killer design gams,” Nancy Flemm created pixies & porcupines “to taunt those you love most at life’s biggest moments!” This Chicagoan’s bawdy formula has worked so far — she is also a LOUIE Award finalist for the most humorous category and a Trendy Award finalist in the greeting card category. pixiesAndPorcupines

Rounding out the quartet is Power & Light Press of Silver City, New Mexico, specializing in off-color yet meticulously hand-printed greeting cards, coasters, posters, and other paper goods. Kyle Durrie also created Moveable Type, a mobile print shop built into the back of a 1982 Chevy step van. “I’ve logged over 40,000 miles since June 2011, traveling all over North America, sharing the good word about printing the old-fashioned way, and learning a whole lot about myself and this country of ours,” she described. 


Conveniently shop their booths: Bruno Press, #1946, Bench Pressed,#1947, Power & Light Press, #1950; and pixies & porcupines, #1951.

NYC is all about location, location, location, and this is one of my favorite rows at the show, so skip this neighborhood at your own risk!

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