Every once in a great while I find myself in a perfect storm where I’ll see some apparel trend coverage — and then immediately see it replicated in stationery.

This happened just last week when I spied these images below in the New York Times Style Magazine, taken during the Milan shows (you can see the story here). Aside from deeply coveting the cape on the far right, usually I’ll mentally file the idea away and keep it in mind for upcoming coverage.

But when I saw this, I was in the midst of photo editing the spring issue of Stationery Trends — and I realized I was already seeing these fabulous geometrics on stationery!

nyt copyWitness if you will these fabulous releases from Anna Griffin. These are from her new Colorific by Maude Ashbury range. I couldn’t find them on her site yet, so I guess I’ll have to wait to see them at National Stationery Show. The correspondence cards in the first image down are die-cut with a lined envelope — how posh!ag_1 ag_2 ag_3 ag_4 ag_5 copyThis Geometrics Journal from Chronicle Books has an intricately laser cut cover, adding a really cool tactile, dimensional element.

chronicle_Geometrics Journal copy

And, this four-color Crazy Chevron letterpress card from Shed Letterpress takes on the trend with yet another distinctive approach. At $16/6, it’s chic and affordable.

Crazy_Chevron_Composed copy Crazy_Chevron_Standing copy

Finally, this correspondence card from Kramer Drive is both elegant & colorful — not an easy proposition! I love the color palette and Art Deco feel. Again, I don’t see it on their site — but like Anna Griffin and Chronicle Books, you’ll be able to see this in person at NSS in May. So take heart — if couture designer duds are not in your budget, these stationery pieces may be!

use_meGeometric Initial 1 copy

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