I am so, so excited today to share a project that’s been in the works for some time now — since the last National Stationery Show, in fact. As many of you probably know, each year Legion Paper holds a special NSS promotion — I think of it as a Project Runway for our industry — through which attendees gather a special piece of swag at participating booths, and then head over to Legion’s to pick up a special receptacle to hold it all. For 2018, Legion is asking confirmed exhibitors to design a stamp reflecting their brand and general vibe.

It can be a single stamp, a themed sheet or any configuration you choose — it just has to be 4″x5″ inches or less. And, we don’t want anyone to hold back on the razzle-dazzle — show us your best letterpress, silk-screening, edge painting, foiling and die-cutting. We are envisioning a really smart and highly curated collection, so we’re limiting this to just 25 lucky exhibitors.

Oh, and did I mention that Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. is designing the box? This is sure to be the talk of the show and a collection you’ll want to be a part of! The boxes will also be at Rifle’s booth, but I would advise getting there early in the show before they’re all gone.

I know this is a crazy time of year, but we are really hoping to see submissions reflecting great design as well as brilliant thought behind it. I’ve put together a Pinterest board with some inspiring designs and layouts, and will continue to add it to it — though feel free to go outside the proverbial box and come up with something not shown there. Legion will supply the paper from the over 3,000 papers it distributes (you can search them here) for the 800 stamps you will create to arrive at Legion’s New York offices by April 20.

Finalists will be promoted before the show in blogs, social media and email communications by NSS, Legion Paper, Parse & Parcel and The Paper Chronicles (combined IG followers: 69K+), with print coverage planned in Stationery Trends as well. At the Show, your card will be displayed at the show, your booth included in an informal walking tour led by Sarah Schwartz. The complete sets will be sent out after the show for further promotion about the entire project and featured though influential leaders.

Design concepts are due January 31, 2018, and you can apply here. We’re encouraging everyone to share their process and inspirations with the #PutAStampOnIt and #NSS2018 tags. Oh, and feel free to email me any questions at sarah@thepaperchronicles.com. 

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