So many great collections have an even better story behind them, and the Die Cut Collection from ilootpaperie is no exception. It’s about great design, yes, but just as importantly, it’s about being smart with resources and thinking outside the (cake) box.

It all started last spring, with Alice and Doris’ 2017 National Stationery Show ‘slice of cake mailer.’ It gave a hint of the sisters’ entire yummy booth theme: Cake! Walking inside, you felt as though you were literally entering a cross section of a sheet cake. Talk about serving up a slice of stationery goodness!

The sisters wanted to think of ways to continue using those cut and foil dies. “It really makes us feel tickled to get more out of a resource by being creative,” Alice told me, adding that she envisioned a food-focused collection. “To make things more challenging, there would ideally be an accompanying pun. So we had a lot of brainstorming and test sketching to do.”

The result? Eight delicious designs: Four different slices of cake, a slice of pie, a slice of pizza, a steak and nachos. “We were even able to use our foil die from the mailer on two of the cake slices, one again with the holographic foil, one with the a dark silver foil.” Shop them here, and while at NSS be sure to swing by Booth 1552!

Photographs courtesy of Michelle Nicole Photography

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