We are currently in production with our Winter Issue of Stationery Trends, which means our staff is definitely sweating the details — at least I am! With this issue, we unveil 2015’s crop of our 10 Designers to Watch — one of our most popular features — plus extensive trend coverage of what’s on the cutting edge in terms of design elements and product categories. As always, I am so excited to put this baby to bed at the printer and show it off to the world.

One of the biggest decisions the team makes during production is, of course, the cover — and these images here reflect a recent trend I’ve noticed where designers send me mocked-up covers featuring their images. This is quite helpful, in my opinion, since it saves me a step. Otherwise I pull potentials as I photo edit, and then wait to see what they look like mocked up.

None of these are our actual winter cover, by the way — you’ll all just have to wait until the issue mails at the end of the month — however, I promise it’s a real beauty! This one is from Gravelly Art and I like how it artfully shows a card interior and exterior, not an easy thing to capture.

Stationery Trends cover mockup

And below that are two really gorgeous covers from Wooden Pencil Company. Love the feathers!


In the meantime, if you are interested in getting press in Stationery Trends, and of course other publications and blogs, and you are exhibiting at National Stationery Show, there is a free webinar for all exhibitors that I will be participating in next Thursday, Dec. 11 at 1 pm EST.

Called NSS Marketing & Social Media Plan, it will also feature Rob Fortier, Creative Talent Wrangler, and Trish Rivas, NSS exhibitor marketing manager. We’ll discuss all things related to promoting your presence at the show — including how to effectively use social media to market yourself as an exhibitor, the “must-do’s” for press coverage and how to utilize NSS marketing opportunities to your advantage. I do hope all exhibitors send me images for consideration for our spring Lookbook — it goes online prior to the show (here is last year’s) and it’s a great way to promote your presence there!

Sign up here — and make sure to check out the others, there are a lot of great topics featuring industry whizzes —  and there is also a button ad on the right that will take you to registration. I hope you will join us!

Stationary_Trend_05_Wooden_Pencil_Co copy

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