It’s hardly breaking news, but the Midterm Elections are around the corner — and if you don’t make your voice heard November 6, using it complain later won’t accomplish a darn thing! If you’re not already registered, here is a handy go-to to get started, state by state, with deadlines no less.

Meanwhile, the brilliant minds at Aesthetic Movement have compiled this go-to list of must-have accessories available under their chic style umbrella. They’re ready for action — are you?

Vote! tote and No Time Like the Present cotton ribbon are from Sir | Madam, wholesale ordering here.

WMS & Co. weekly planner and keyboard planner makes sure you plan adequately. For example, if you want to take advantage of Lyft’s free and discounted rides to the polls, you’ll probably want to make a note to call ahead. Wholesale info here.

Fishs Eddy has a great Politicians Collection that lets you sing the praises of first ladies or even Aaron Burr! Wholesale ordering here

This perpetual calendar from MoMA is perfect for counting down, and never needs to be replaced — wholesale ordering here.

Spread the good word with these Vote cards from Set Editions — wholesale ordering here

Finally, polish your visual dissent vernacular in the coming weeks with this find from Artbook D.A.P., wholesale ordering here

Big thanks to Aesthetic Movement for letting me share these here — I sincerely hope these inspire you all to take action!

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