A lot of new vendors crossed my plate in putting together the spring issue of Stationery Trends, and especially our Signature Mix Marketplace Lookbook. Between the Etsy Wholesalers and the new #fresh section at National Stationery Show, there were a lot of designers to take in and try to keep straight. One of the many bright lights to cross my desk during production was Pop-in-Greetings, founded by April Maglothin. Great initials, no?

PIG_4.18.14_-9000The mix & match line of cards features interchangeable letterpress greetings. You choose the design you love and then “pop-in” the greeting you need. The little greetings are like letterpressed fortune cookie fortunes!


This is one those ideas borne of necessity, April told me. “I was tired of buying box sets that were all the same or only had one greeting. (Now) you can have a box set of designs that work for any occasion because the greetings can be changed to suit your needs. It’s like having the entire card aisle at your fingertips.”


But no concept, no matter how clever, is going to fly if the design is not strong, and I think you’ll agree that Pop-in-Greetings meets that criteria as well.


FloralWreath Golden-BouquetI’m looking forward to seeing these designs in the brand-new #fresh section, booth 1457. And, the company is a finalist for Best New Product in the Paper Love category. Judging the Best New Products is usually one of my first stops at the show, so I’m looking forward to seeing them in person there!letterpress_sets_large

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