Here’s a fabulous British resource for posh pens and stationery goods you’re most likely unaware of: Pen Heaven! The small London family business sent me several lovely items with an international flair several weeks back, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and utility of each.

First up is the Worther Shorty Pencil. This palm-sized pencil has a cult following amongst artists and craftsmen, with good reason. Made in Germany of local materials, its stubby, hexagonal shape fits nicely in the hand, and it writes on wood, metal, paper and plastic. The aluminum ones can even be engraved, and plastic versions are available in about any shade imaginable.

useme1Next up, we jet to France for the Laurige Leather Travel Envelope. Also available in several colors (mine is turquoise), it can easily stow one’s passport, documents, phone, money and keys — and doubles as a little vacation clutch too. Mine is even embossed in silver with my initials — gold or blind embossing up to two lines is also available. 

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Now we head to Italy for the Abruzzi Large Leather Journal with a Black and Stone Tie. Handmade in one workshop from high-quality, locally sourced materials, this is sure to elevate one’s thoughts! The pages are bleed-resistant and acid-free, so they’ll definitely endure for posterity. Again, mine is embossed in silver with my initials in the lower right hand corner — it is almost intimidating to start using it! All embossing is done in-house and typically the same day the order is placed.


Thank you again Pen Heaven for sending your gorgeous wares to me stateside. Speaking of which, shipping within the UK is free, and to the U.S. it’s a £10 (about $13) charge. All in all, not too steep if you purchase several gifts at once!useme10

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