There were undoubtedly a lot of engagements over the holidays — and I can’t think of a better gift for the newly minted bride-to-be than planners from PeterPiperPaperCo. 

What sets these planners apart is their sweet, personalized nature — how fun are these faces? PP_8PP_1 PP_2 PP_3If that’s not your speed, this clean and elegant number is perfect for floral purists.
PP_4Each planner measures 6″x9″ and of course helps keep track of the million elements that need to be taken care of, in a pretty, stress-free script no less. PP_7That’s a lot of style + organization for $25! Shop them all here with the knowledge you’ll be supporting a sister-run family business — PeterPiperPaperCo. was founded by two California sisters, Danielle and Lauren, with vital support & affection from Danielle’s two pups, Peter and Piper. PP_5

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