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I love that small card companies are trying this holiday out for size. A. Favorite Design  is the cleverly named brainchild of Amber Favorite, yet another 10 Designers to Watch veteran, this time in 2012. She described her fetching and always fun letterpressed line to me then as “classic Americana with a …

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Culturally speaking, civility — defined as treating others with courtesy — has definitely been scarce of late. I don’t know what the culprit is exactly, though I suspect reality shows and online anonymous comment sections don’t exactly encourage tolerance. I can’t take credit for honing in on this concept: One of my Editorial Board …

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I heard some news late last week from that human dynamo otherwise known as Grace Kang — she’s the force of nature behind the Pink Olive boutiques in Manhattan’s East Village and Brooklyn’s Park Slope, The Pink Olive School, and OliveBox, a monthly service that sends goody boxes full of carefully curated paper and lifestyle goods …

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I am big believer in stationery (obviously), but even more so in using it. It breaks my heart to think of all these gorgeous papers languishing in desk drawers all over the country, just sitting there gathering dust, neglected and forgotten, borderline abused really, when they could be transmitting good …

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In case you haven’t heard, Falloween is not just a new holiday season, it’s going on now. According to the Urban Dictionary, Falloween is  “the combination of autumn and Halloween decorations. After October 31st, Thanksgiving items replace the Halloween items.” And, judging by the exquisitely letterpressed Sugarcube Press offering I’ve kicked this post …

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