These days, it’s nearly impossible not to wear one’s politics on one’s figurative sleeve — and I think we can all agree that our stress levels can only benefit at this point from blowing off a little election steam.

Coming to the rescue are letterpressed finds from Huckleberry Letterpress, who just released a few new designs last week.”We were ambivalent about doing anything political-related, but this election is too good not to poke fun at,” co-founder Justin Reynolds told me. “They’ve been a big hit since we released them.”

Love the two-color palette and cool kraft envelopes!huckleberry_1 huckleberry_2Scoop them up here for $4.50 a pop. I’m also digging these enamel pins from The Found, available to show your love for some (though not all) of the presidential candidates — as well as a few founding fathers and MLK. hillary dump-trump george hamilton mlkI think we can also all agree on the below sentiment! The Found has a really engaging collection of pins not to be missed — these few represent just a tiny taste. Shop them all here for $11/pop! i_need_therapy

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