Civility is a funny thing. Sometimes maintaining it is just a matter of getting a few seconds to extricate oneself from an undesirable situation.

That was the impetus for Gramkin Paper Studio’s colorful Courtesy Cards, explained the company’s P. Graham. “Their inspiration derived from an overzealous individual who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I thought, ‘What if I can just give this person something to placate them and while they are reading it, I can make my escape?’ From there it evolved into other appropriate situations where a little ‘truthiness’ is needed.”

Spell It Out- Gramkin Paper Studioi

Meanwhile, the Child Parking Card is a bestseller, and the studio is in the process of adding new designs to that line as it retires others (much like Disney Vault!).

Child Park Car 3- Gramkin Paper Studio

Cell Phone Call- Gramkin Paper Studioi Drunk Number- Gramkin Paper Studio Ride This Ride- Gramkin Paper Studioi Each set of 8 flat 2-x-3.5-inch cards printed on luxe textured cardstock for $6/pack. That’s a rather small price to get out of an undesirable situation!
Courtesy Box 1-Gramkin Paper Studio

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