Here’s a glimpse of one of many treasures to be found within the aisles of National Stationery Show: The 2017 Touch o’ Pearls calendar from Giddy Paperie.

As is often the case, necessity was behind its creation, Leslie Chalfont, president and designer, told me.  “Over 15 years ago, I found it impossible to find a good gift for many on my Christmas list. (So) I decided to create a calendar that would be fun and useful. Little did I know that the calendar would take on a life of its own and be the flagship item for Giddy Paperie. (Soon) friends and family wanted one to give to their friends and family, and so the story goes: It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Leslie always focuses on a clever theme or design. For 2017, she toyed around with something she’s always loved to wear, receive and embellish her greeting cards with: Pearls! After all, “they look good on everything!”

Leslie’s favorite place to design is on an airplane. “I plug in my headphones, whip out my sketch book and map out large bodies of work, all on a three-hour flight. I like to consider it my mile-high studio. Then I fine tune my sketches, draw, watercolor and then format. Some (turn out) completely different than what I first imagined. I create prototypes and finalize what works together.”

So, here is where it began …Untitled 2 copy 88fgAnd here are the final designs, with tiny pearl touches cleverly integrated throughout. “The calendar is a little touch of art for your desk, bedroom or kitchen. I keep mine in my kitchen window sill and try not to wash it down the disposal … it almost happened once,” Leslie laughed.Untitled 2 copy 2f Untitled 2 copy 6 Untitled 2 copy 2 Untitled 2 copy 2ff Untitled 2 copy 2gLeslie always looks forward to hearing from people who are enjoying the calendar. “Many tell me they never look ahead so that each month is a surprise. I laugh because it’s a surprise to me too — especially when I paint them well over a year in advance!”

The calendar measures 5″x7″ and  has a suggested retail of $18. See this — and a whole lot more — for yourself next month at Giddy Paperie’s NSS Booth, #1559 in #fresh. Giddy is also a part of the #NSSClassof70 — more details on that to come! Untitled 2 copy 4

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