Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving lots and lots of amazing National Stationery Show mailers. Each is truly a joy to receive as it’s special in its own way, of course, and obviously assembled with care. Pretty postage stamps, calligraphy, letterpress, foil, risography — it’s clear exhibitors have upped their game this year, and I for one am simply stunned! This is one of my favorite times to check the mailbox, as I never know what’s waiting for me.

One of the more labor intensive mailings came to me all the way from Australia’s Fox & Fallow, who sent me a Pine box engraved just for me. It reads “Made with Love for Stationery Trends by Fox & Fallow,” and when you slide it open, it reveals a bunch of posh samples and a catalog!

First off, I can’t get enough of this Aloha pattern (one of three new for NSS). Inspired by Hawaiian landscapes and barkcloth prints and accented with the house’s signature brush-lettered type, it’s just dreamy! And it’s on calendars, cards, notebooks, even a clipboard.
AlohaCalendarHeroFront-800 AlohaCalendarHeroBack-800 AlohaCalendarSelection-lowres-800 CAL007-2017Tropical-January-lowres-800 CBA401-ClipboardPack-A4-Tropical-800 CBA501-ClipboardPack-A5-Tropical-800

I am smitten! Meanwhile Fox & Fallow’s new Totem calendar is filled with 12 animal totems, from resilient rhino to patient elephant, to help you solder through and achieve any goals. Oversized at 8.5×10.8,” it’s foiled on each fabulous page. CAL006-2017Totem-Cover-800 CAL006-2017Totem-March-800 CAL006-2017Totem-November-800

These A4 and A5 Clipboard Packs, including sweet little cedar pencils, are highly covetable as well.

CBA403-ClipboardPack-A4-Totem-800CBA502-ClipboardPack-A5-Totem-800And there are many copper- and gold-foiled offerings, I love every artfully placed dot. The first three are fabric-covered — the first being Fox & Fallow’s very first planner — while greeting cards are on FSC-certified cardstock. FJ001-2017Planner-Front-800 FJ003-LikeABossSketchbook-Front-800 FJ002-AffairNotebook-Front-800 GCE006-NoGutsNoGlory-RGB-800 GCE008-LikeABoss-RGB-800I’m guessing those “like a boss” coordinates are going to be especially well received! Thank you Janet for sending me such a glorious peek at your goods, and I can’t wait to check out all that foiled beauty for myself in Booth 1545!GCT008-Mahalo-RGB-800

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