Welcome to TPC’s fifth — and final — installment of the National Stationery Show’s Insider Guide. Today I’ve got a real treat for you … and lots and lots of standout product, so sit back and get comfortable!

First up we have Suzie McKig of Twig & Fig, that famed Berkeley house of out-of-the-box invitations. Want an invitation carefully crafted from metal, wood, concrete, fabric, frosted acrylic, chains, mirrors, faux fur, feathers or leather? Then this is the spot for you.

Here’s some recent work — and, no you are not seeing double in that first invitation — it’s a piece of antique mirror glass! “Guests have to work to read it!” Suzie laughed. 

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See more standout Twig & Fig designs in person (these photos, while gorgeous, cannot replicate experiencing the real thing) in Booth 1751.

And, here is Suzie’s pick: “I think my favorite is always the eclectic Sweet Bella!!! It’s because Nina’s sense of who she reps has the most refined-while-understated elegance that always makes me drool!”

Sweet Bella always has something unexpected in their posh ranges. You never realize until you see her eclectic yet posh range of wares that you can’t live without these hand-painted Japanese handkerchiefs or German ceramic tiles.

And, I am a complete and utter fool for her MT washi tapes, direct from Japan. These are as strong as they are gorgeous — and I’ll definitely be hitting Booth 2331 to see Nina’s newest imports.

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The last pick in this series comes from Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. Really, there’s so little I can say to add to the excitement just the mention of Rifle generates. Like nearly everyone else who has encountered it, I want to get lost in Anna’s world of dreamy florals, lovingly rendered maps and adorable little people.

Here’s a peek at a few recent releases — as well as how the range is cleanly presented at trade shows. Rifle will have all this and more in Booth 1728 — don’t miss it!RiflePaperCo-Jan2016-Red copy RiflePaperCo-Jan2016-Tapestry copyProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetWhat booth can’t Anna miss? “To me, Ashkahn has been one of the best new stationery brands of the last few years. His irreverent and hilarious greeting cards along with his LA-style cool aesthetic have been a breath of fresh air in the industry.”

In case you are unfamiliar with the force of nature that is Ashkahn (pronounced ash-con) Shahparnia, he describes himself as an artist, designer, illustrator, art director, director, stationery prince and all around bon vivant. His work has been described as sweet and naughty — and speaking of which, this may be a good time to note that some of these fabulous designs are NSFW! AC071-HappilyEverAfter-1000 AC070-CantTell-1000 AC069-JustBecause-1000 AC052-TodayisYourDay AC053-Hello AC055-YoureTheOne AC056-GetCrunkWithYou AC059-Hickey AC060-ItsWhatever AC061-TotallyForgot AC063-SorryNotSorry AC064-ATrillionThanks AC065-HappyBdayFinger AC066-SpooningLottery-1000 AC051-LetsParty AC050-Kisses AC049-ForeverandEver AC043-SavingMyAss AC042-Breathless AC041-Fun AC040-PleaseForgiveMe AC039-HappyBirthdayUnicorn AC037-TheEnd AC032-ReadingSavedMyLife AC030-HappySnowman AC020-FinallyFoundYou AC019-Yay AC017-HappyBirthday AC001-XOXO AC002-YourLoveisMyDrug AC003-ImSorry AC004-ThankYou AC005-HalfoftheThings AC006-ImSoInLoveWithYou AC008-Forever AC012-TalkBubble

These are so fun — and are unmistakably Ashkahn! Get your fill of letterpressed and rainbow-foiled irreverence in Booth #1555. It’s typically mobbed so with any luck I’ll visit during a lull.

Thank you so much Suzie and Anna for sharing your picks! And, if you haven’t made your NSS plans yet, there’s still time — though the clock is definitely ticking. Register to attend here and apply to exhibit here!AC048-WorkofArt

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