National Stationery Show ended over a month ago — but I still have great snaps to share. Please pardon all shadows, bad lighting, crooked angles — they are no fault of the product, just my (lack of) photography skills.

First up is Brooklyn’s own Tack and Ward — look at these hand-painted cards over matte gold foil!
twStefanie’s Sanity Series speak to the 300 million people in the U.S. alone who struggle with some form of mental illness — and the friends and family who love them. tackward2 tackward3 tackward4Meanwhile, The Regional Assembly of Text always has a lot to geek out over — these pin-with-purchase cards are brilliant!
regionalTheir cards and stationery are always so well thought out, beautifully designed and presented, and so distinctive from the pack. regional2 regional5 regional8regional3 regional4And when it comes to flair, these make any occasion from birthdays to road trips that much more fun. Shop it all here.
regional6 regional7How better to close than with Ink Meets Paper‘s ubiquitous “text less, write more” letterpressed postcard — which really is the emblem of the entire industry!

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