Welcome to my second installment of National Stationery Show highlights! Please pardon all shadows, bad lighting, crooked angles, etc. and we go through these great finds.

First up we have lively offerings from The AG Studio. The brilliant designer behind the range, Alison Petrie, told me that print is her new favorite — I’m equally smitten!alisongordon copy alisongordon2 copyOver at the mobbed Lifeguard Press booth, Ban.d0 was as alluring as always. ban.do copy ban.do2 copyHello!Lucky didn’t disappoint with colorful letterpressed wares that are always lively and lovely, with a sense of the unexpected sprinkled throughout.  I want to live in this happy little world, full of leaping unicorns and whales with walkers. hellolucky copy 23rdday hellolucky3 copy hellolucky4 copy hellolucky5 copy hellolucky2 copy

Want to get your point across firmly, but with unmistakable flair? Then Girl of All Work‘s High + Mighty Notepads, foiled on each page, are just the ticket! girlofallwork copy girlofallwork2 copy girlofallwork3 copyDirect from Folkestone, England, Grace Hill’s eye-popping patterns adorn its range of gift wrap, correspondence sets and the notebooks you see here. Simply gorgeous!
gracehill copyFinally, I wasn’t familiar with Huckleberry Letterpress Co., but it’s a new favorite with good reason as you can see from the three cards below. I’m always up for some cleanly presented snark, American-made with love in Brooklyn.huckleberry copy Untitled 2 copy 2Stay tuned for more NSS highlights in upcoming posts!huckleberry_3

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