There’s apparently a subscription service for everything these days, but in terms of affordability, eye candy, and sheer surprise factor, you can’t get much better than the Sticker Swaps. I am just enamored with this semi-underground design niche! 

The company’s James, who started it with his best friend Simone, told me that he’d had the idea of a sticker subscription in the back of his mind for a long time. “About 10 years ago I was super into the street art scene and built up a huge collection of stickers by doing lots of swaps and trades with artists from around the world. I wanted to replicate that feeling of being excited to receive a mystery envelope full of stickers from around the world — and here we are! Stickers are such an amazing artform and a great way to put your message across. The culture of stickers is fascinating, and the wide range of different treatments that artists and designers give them is incredible.”

Right now the concept is simple. Subscribers receive roughly five featured stickers per month  from selected artists and designers, with a few random designs thrown in for good measure. James and Simone were kind enough to send me a sample pack, and they are too fun, diverse pieces of palm-sized design from around the globe. I love how each has a story. Mine included a sharp design from Blackwing, makers of what many regard as the world’s best pencils.Jay from Live Design Co. in Austin, Texas, contributed this next offering.  “We absolutely love Jay’s design style — his Instagram is just packed full of amazing designs and illustrations,” they noted.Stabby Gabby is a tattoo artist out of Minneapolis. In addition to her work on skin she offers a sticker range on Etsy. What a yummy logo!Montreal-based artist Mictoon contributed this mushroom design — and again, for eye candy galore, don’t miss his IG feedThere were several random goodies as well, many from James & Simone’s personal collections, lovingly hoarded for years. They were thoughtful enough to include an “I love stationery” design for me — except with a mustache for “love.”

There is a lot of passion behind this project, and subscriptions start at just $9.99 a month — which includes shipping anywhere around the globe. Use the code BLOG50 at checkout to get 50% off any subscription option at checkout.

And if you want to spread the word about your brand and have your stickers featured to be placed in the hands of sticker lovers from around the globe, James and Simone ask that you please do get in touch. Oh, and once you get started, share the sticker love on social media with the hashtag #stickerswaps.

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