It may be dreary outside (at least it is most dreary here this morning!), but the flora is in full bloom on the latest greeting card release from Klinger Creative. The range includes a bunch for birthdays as well as a thinking of you plus one very cheerful get-well.

Like me, Heather is pining for a living green world — but she has the advantage of being able to bring what’s in her mind’s eye to life. “Nature and botany are my greatest source of inspiration,” Heather told me. “I notice plants and flowers on my daily walks and try to interpret them in my art. I’m also really missing my garden, which is dormant in the winter, and being able to create illustrated plants is the next best thing.”

I love the Scandinavian vibe and cool contrast of the second card down, as well as the little details like the birthday greetings cat and the sweetly scalloped and scripted “feel better” tag.

Shop them all here, and they’re also available wholesale on

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