Do you love gorgeous fonts? Clever verbiage? How about the colorful bite of letterpress on a lovely thick paper? Then you’ll positively swoon for these gorgeous new releases from Sky of Blue Cards.

CEO + Chief Designer Karla Ebrahimi uses the fonts she’s currently obsessed with as a starting point — right now it’s Selfie — which appears on some of her latest designs. “Oftentimes I just have a word that I’m loving that I want to see on paper,” she told me. “I love to play with the word and see how it looks in different fonts. And, I really am inspired by my family and friends. Sometimes it’s an idea that I’ll get when my girlfriends and I are talking, and other times it’s something I might hear my kids say.

“Recently the wifi was all messed up in our house, and my teenage daughter was getting really irritated (as teenagers do). My husband fixed it and my daughter let her teenage guard down for a minute and hugged him so tight and was so grateful (like he had just saved the world, ha ha). I thought this was so sweet and I put it in a Father’s Day card — the toolbox card: Dad is the fixer of all things, including wifi connections.

“These everyday things — everyday human connections — are what inspires me the most. I put them in my cards to create even more human connection.”

The new vibrant & fun designs are perfect for celebrating the bonds we have with our favorite people. I’m really loving that swash-a-riffic font two designs down — you can almost hear the words being spoken in a fabulous accent.

Toolbox_OpenFather-Pere-Padre_Open BestDadEver_OpenTies_Open

Mother-Mere-Madre_Open Mommiest_Open

Go_Change_World_Open-Grad Carpe_Diem_Open_Grad Confucious_Open-Grad AdorbsThankYou-Merci-GrazieDude_Thanks

You can shop the entire letterpressed collection of cards here for $4.50 a pop, and find a nearby retailer here. And, check out everything in person at Sky of Blue Cards’ National Stationery Show Booth, #2035!

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