It’s a New Year, and a new chance to reach out to others. That is the thinking behind a slew of gorgeous and very thoughtful new letterpressed releases from Seattle’s Constellation & Co., Designer + Printer Sara McNally told me.

“For this release, I was inspired by those impossible situations to find a card for and also by people who are bad at birthdays. This space that’s just outside of the traditional card realm is the place where I live. I write cards for feelings that are too big for a card. I write cards for the situations that are too complicated for words. I strive to put words to the love that brings color to our life. I write cards for exactly how goofy or awkward or sincere you feel today. I use typography, ink, paper, and pressure to say the things that shouldn’t go unsaid. I want to make you laugh. I want to make you feel known. I want to help you share love. If your relationships grow because you sent a card, my purpose is fulfilled. If I make the people that walk into your shop laugh, somewhere I’m doing a happy dance. If I can make them cry, somewhere an angel gets its wings.”

I think you’ll agree this is a very special grouping that Sara put a lot of thought into. It even includes cards with patches — be still my heart — as well as snail mail socks and an enamel pin! Shop it all here! Meanwhile, I am getting ready to head off to Atlanta, so I’ll be back next week. If you see me wandering AmericasMart, please be sure to say hi!

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