Some people are connoisseurs of wine or cigars, but me — I prefer the subtle raised type and delicate bruising of engraving. This centuries-old craft is the quieter, yet still incredibly stunning sister of letterpress, and since she rarely comes out of the shadows these days, I’m always thrilled to see her. 

Now you can get an exquisite and FREE limited edition engraved print by Michael Osborne, the latest release in Neenah Paper’s The Beauty of Engraving series. The design of Michael’s print is based on his collection of old stock certificates, while the paper stock is very close to that of a dollar bill — and he pushed the very craft of engraving to its limits by designing very close to the maximum size for an engraving die, and by using very tiny type. 

Issue 6

There is much more than meets the eye here — and you can learn more about what goes into this deceptively simple sheet below.

This is the sixth print commissioned by Neenah for The Beauty of Engraving. Michael Osborne is just the latest in a group of top-notch designers including Kevin Cantrell, Jessica Hische, Armin Vit, Erik Marinovich, and Two Paperdolls.

Chrome Engraving Die 500 wide

This edition is limited to 1,000 and it’s first come, first serve, so get yours while you can here.

And, be sure to visit Neenah at Booth 2678 at National Stationery ShowEngraving Die with print

All images: Photo©2014 StudioAlex

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