In honor of last Friday’s Supreme Court decision, I can’t not share these gorgeous same-sex wedding invitations from Ladyfingers Letterpress that have been festering in my in-box for far too long.  

Since love is love and marriage marriage, I really don’t even want to call certain unions same-sex weddings, so let’s just refer to them as weddings, agreed?

Regardless of semantics, their legality is a win for America, and a win for stationery too — as these fabulously and lovingly hand-lettered and -letterpressed designs attest. ladyfingers_2Each of these leather pouches was hand-sewn, with the pattern letterpressed in them. Oh, and just in case you think only invitations can be edge-painted, the pouches are too! ladyfingers_3This mad Mexican weekend invitation holds a special place of honor— it’s the first I’ve sees in which a French bulldog invites guests to the nuptials.
ladyfingers_5So here’s to more love, more weddings — and lots and lots of great invitations for everyone!

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