I’m down with a vile bug today, so I thought it would be a good time to show some get-well cards. However, as I went through my image archives to find some, I realized that what my mother-in-law has been telling me for literally years is spot-on — there is a serious paucity of design-driven get well cards.

You see, whenever my mother-in-law Marikay comes to visit us from Florida, I let her go through all my cards to take what she likes — and that’s the main category she’s looking for (and rarely finds enough of).

Speaking of which, I also recall this greeting card category as being pretty spare (say compared to categories like Christmas or birthday cards) when I judged the LOUIE awards last month. So yes, there is an underserved market for this rather unglamorous yet very important category. Take it from me: If you’ve got a good get-well performer in your line, it’s got a better chance of winning a LOUIE here than in another category, so do enter it next year.

Before I bid you all a feverish adieu, I’ve managed to stir up three strong get-well/encouragement cards that speaking from experience, any sick person would love to receive. First up we have this chic letterpressed number from Wayfare Press.


Next is a splendid handmade from Lemon Drop Papers. I love their little envelopes!  They’ll be in booth 2240 at National Stationery Show as part of signature mix marketplace.


And finally we’ve got an all-around encouraging note from Love Jac Cards, who is a first-time exhibitor at signature mix marketplace, who will be in #fresh, booth 1365.


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