It may be analog technology to some, but the humble journal is back in a big way. Perhaps it never really went away, but as it’s been embraced by a new generation, it has entirely new trappings. Some millennials (okay, according to Instagram, 2 million of them) swear by the #bulletjournal but overall, sales of unruled spiral, composition, graphing, and other notebooks have jumped 18 percent over the last year, according to The NPD Group. That works out to $210 million!
   One of the many, many options available are DroodleBooks — for those who need to write it all down, but also (like me) like to doodle. There’s plenty of space to jot down that next brilliant idea, but also illustrations in the margins for coloring and doodling. Think the stress release of coloring combined with the function of a notebook, all the while encouraging thinking outside of the proverbial box.
Shop them (and a bevy of fun accessories) here!
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