Over the years, I’ve found that the best paper people are those who are super-picky about their paper. Regardless of what the product is — card, invitation, resume, what-have-you — no matter of how well it’s designed, how clever the relationship is between image and copy, how lovely the letterpress or foil, the paper can make or break a design. 

I cannot even put a number on the amount of times I’ve seen a piece of stationery on my screen and thought it was lovely — only to see it in person at a trade show and realize that the paper made it a bona fide dud. Fortunately, that equation works the other way too — the right paper can bring out the subtle beauty of a design in a way that perfectly suits it and transforms it into an enduring masterpiece.

To aid you in that quest for that perfect paper for your project, enter Distinct Papers. Whatever your role in the industry, however difficult your client may be, they carefully cull their offerings from top-tier paper mills in a variety of sizes, finishes, colors and weights. Card stocks, envelopes, packaging — all are organized with filters like mill, brand and weight to make selection and finding that new favorite a breeze. Whether you want coated or uncoated, parchment or colored envelopes, 0r cute little matched sets, you’ll find it all neatly presented here.Distinct Papers - image 1 Distinct Papers - image 2 Distinct Papers - image 3 Distinct Papers - image 4Distinct Papers is a brand-new industry resource, one that I hope everyone gives a try. Oh, and did I mention that because they purchase it in bulk from the mills, they pass that savings along to customers?

As a special welcome, Distinct Papers is offering 15% off with the code COLOR15 and free shipping on orders over $25. Better still, get a coupon for 20% off when you sign up. Happy paper shopping, all!Distinct Papers - image 5

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