2015 has been full of opportunities for me so far — a major one of which has been to pen guest posts for Mohawk‘s gorgeous Felt & Wire blog. To me, anything that broadens my perspective on the industry is a true gift — and it has been a real treat to get better acquainted with the people behind the companies I’m already work with. So today I’m sharing my Felt & Wire interview with Allison De Meulder of Matrick and Eve here.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, it’s time you did. The vibrant, upbeat character of their designs makes for a dazzling signature — and since they use Mohawk paper for many of their creations, you know the quality is tops! I first became aware of Matrick & Eve  shortly after it was founded last year, when they began sending me their colorful, lively submissions for consideration in Stationery Trends.

I didn’t realize it at first, but the Tampa-based stationer is the outgrowth of Invitation Consultants, which was one of the first online invitation purveyors, established in the dark Internet ages of 1999. The brainchild of Allison De Meulder and her husband Olivier, Matrick & Eve approaches its retail clients with the mindset of, “If your client wants it, let us create it!”

Matrick and Eve proudly uses Mohawk papers for many of their wares. Allison sees Mohawk as an integral part of the brand, and she shares more about her vision and perspective below.


When did you first become a stationery lover?

I started loving stationery as a kid. I always looked at the back of stationery or greeting cards I received to see who designed and printed it. I always loved paper because it was palpable and each piece feels a little different, each telling its own story.


What was the impetus for opening Matrick and Eve, and what lessons learned during Invitation Consultants’ 15 years of existence do you use in running it?

I’ve always wanted to have a brand that could be sold in stores. I love travelling and shopping and I spend way too much time in small shops perusing items.

I love being a part of the online community with Invitation Consultants and having started it during the 1999 boom, but my true passion was to one day start a brand that could be sold in stores and be picked up, looked at and bought the same way that I shop.

The most important lesson I have learned is having an identifiable brand and a vision and being proud of it. There is a cohesiveness that came right away with Matrick and Eve that could have only been achieved from all of my years with Invitation Consultants.


How do you define a winning paper? What types of papers are you liking most these days?

A paper that someone who doesn’t know much about paper picks up, and says, “Wow, this feels good!” Paper that can be tossed around and stomped on and still looks fabulous. Also, of course, a paper that allows ink to adhere well. My favorite paper these days — and always — is a heavy stock with a nice texture.


Which Matrick and Eve products do you use Mohawk papers for?

We use Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell, 120# for our recipe cards, gift tags, flat stationery and our fill-in invitations.


Of these, which are your best sellers?

Fill-invitations are our best sellers from the group, and we often pair together our colorful designs with foil stamping.


What made you choose Mohawk fine papers for these products over other lines?

I have seen Mohawk paper used over the years in various industries and I have always been impressed with its quality. Now working with them myself, I’m also thrilled with their consistency & reliability with our quality and delivery.


Is there anything else you would like to share about Matrick & Eve?

We are a group of designers and printers here at our studio who absolutely love what we do. You can see our passion for paper everyday. We get excited about things that others probably wouldn’t, but every little success is huge for us. I think if you truly love what you do, then it will clearly show in the end product. And our immediate success with the new brand of Matrick and Eve is really the result of all the passion, love and creativity we pour into every piece.

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You can shop all of Matrick and Eve’s wares in person this May at National Stationery Show, Booth 2351, while Mohawk is a few aisles over, in Booth 2565.



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