Sometimes something great can come out of something horrific. Just ask Takuma Nitta. As a result of earthquake and tsunami, in 2011 he lost his house in his Japanese hometown of Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture — as well as the beautiful scenery surrounding it. He moved to Tokyo with a new appreciation for the delicate balance between nature and society — and founded URBAN GREEN MAKERS in 2015 to nurture it.

Not only does the company offer a smartly presented range of terrarium kits, with each purchase a tree is purchased for disaster-affected areas in Japan, Philippines, Africa and Bangladesh via its global partners OISCA and Action of Greening Sahel. 

I’ve seen a lot of kits at market, and these are some of the cleanest and most compelling out there. Their Terrarium Kits literally infuse any space with life, while they can be enhanced with a la carte with extra Air Plants and other fun materials from colored sand to cinnamon sticks. There’s even chunks of Aroma Wax to add color and a layer of scent._rc_1798_ _rc_1836_ 141031m_0017a 141031m_0021aaKits starts at $29.99 retail. Buy one here before 10/31, and get a free air plant. Meanwhile, URBAN GREEN MAKER’s wholesale kits start at just $15, with custom creations available. Learn more here!   _rc_1646_

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