I have done quite a bit of marble coverage in both Stationery Trends and Gift Shop over the past several months, as this texture-rich trend is huge right now in gift and stationery. So I was delighted to stumble across San Francisco’s own MIKOL. “Our specialty is transforming and incorporating natural marble stone to suit our daily essentials,” the company’s Sherry Wilkins told me. 

This includes stationery, fortunately! Check out the world’s first real marble notebooks. The Carrara marble is 0.7mm thin (thinner than a stick of chewing gum) and reinforced, to depict the natural beauty of the stone without hindering by the weight and fragility. mikol_notebook mikol_notebook_2

Another specialty is business cards. These beautiful conversation pieces aren’t too likely to get tossed aside, the unhappy fate of most of their paper counterparts. mikol mikol2 mikol3 mikol4These iPhone cases feature the same thin slice of Carrara marble as the notebooks, reinforced with fiberglass to make it shatterproof. Oh, and did I mention that engraving is available? These are for the iPhone 6, but iPhone 7 cases are available for pre-order (and will ship in four weeks).
mikol_phone_casemikol_phone_case_2Finally, how better to differentiate your iPad or Macbook than with a marble cover? I love how the apple peeks out. Each is handcrafted and, due to the natural veins in the stone, completely unique — just like your thoughts. mikol_macbook

I am so enamored with all of these pieces — while technology comes and goes, notebooks are filled and forgotten, business cards passed out without really thinking about it, there is something eternal and ethereal about marble that offsets our rushed, digital world perfectly. These are pieces that make you pause to appreciate them, over and over again. Swoon for all things MIKOL here!

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