It has been too long to not have a letter-writing campaign post! This one comes to us from Mt. Tabor in Portland. no_meDear Sarah, My friend (and pen pal!) Polly told me about your site and clued me in to the great stationery offer you’ve made. How sweet! I’m sending this note on my favorite set made by Ilfant Press. I love the stripes, matching envelope, and that the notepaper is double-sided. I’m a huge fan of stripes and elegant simplicity so this one is a clear winner.

How is autumn in Ohio? I imagine the fall colors are beautiful. I live atop a very small mountain in the middle of Portland and just this morning I was struck by the beauty of it all: fog clinging to the pines, maples crimson and gold, and crisp air.

Greetings from Portland and I hope this finds you enjoying many good mail days!


P.S. I’m including a few stamps from my collection!

Thank you so much for writing, Julia — I love your stationery and stamps! I was not familiar with Ilfant Press & Lisa’s work is spellbinding, modern yet classic at the same time. Your little mountain sounds beautiful — and I am really impressed by your own work at Eva Moon Press!

I went back and forth about what to send Julia, and finally I decided a little care package from Rossi 1931 is in order. The product is definitely elegant and simple, but with an Italian accent. Inside is a box of their posh Creations de Paris stationery — deckle-edged cards with lined envelopes — as well as a letterpressed beetles notebook plus a set of six owl gift tags, which come with baker’s twine (they call it “twisted cotton string”).

I don’t have images of the exact products, so they’ll be a little surprise for Julia. In the meantime I’m sharing this eye candy from the posh Italian range. Understated luxury and attention to every detail are at the core of each item. I really hope Julia enjoys it all, and thank you Rossi 1931 for supporting this campaign!rossi_1 rossi_2 rossi_3 rossi_4 rossi_5 rossi_7So, do you want to score some free, fabulous stationery swag for yourself? Just drop me a quick note on your favorite paper (which is most likely gathering dust) and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. And if you are interested in being sponsor, I’d love to hear from you!rossi_6

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