Today’s charming silkscreened missive arrived in a homemade envelope from Portland.IMG_7548It reads: Dear Sarah! … how do, madam? Thank YOU so very much for your oh so kind offer of free stationery via post even though I do not win the contest. [She’s referring to the special #write_on kits I gave away last spring.] Such generosity and verve. I am ever keen to encourage the flow of mail … so … I send some to you & me & my spacious rural mailbox await your reply. Kindly, Polly

Thanks so much for writing in, Polly! I love your stationery and envelope — and really appreciate your patience! I think you’ll find it’s worth the wait, as I have a really fun grouping for you courtesy of Zara Gonzalez Hoang, designer and illustrator at Manka.

Manka, which means “little rascal” in Polish, is one-woman press in Norfolk, Va. Zara uses a Risograph — which she describes as “a digital copier which allows for creative experimentation and results reminiscent of screen printing” — as well as a small Kelsey press, a digital printer and a bunch of screenprinting equipment.

This adorable card quartet is all risograph-printed with the exception of the Om Raccoon card, which I just adore. Thank you so much for donating this fabulous grouping, Zara!

manka_cards_2 copySo, would you like some free, fabulous stationery too? Just drop me a quick note on your favorite paper (which is most likely gathering dust) and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. And if you are interested in being sponsor, I’d love to hear from you too!


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