I have loved the illustrations of Laura Stoddart as featured in Roger la Borde from way back. In fact somewhere I have a stash of wrapping paper I refuse to use or part with, it’s so cute — so I was thrilled to see a familiar design gracing this card from Lynchburg, Virginia.

It reads: Hi Sarah, I’m writing you on one of the last remaining cards of a set of Roger la Borde designs my big sister gave me one birthday a decade or so ago. I love the palette, the rendering, and the whimsy of the tiny people with the giant objects (other cards long gone featured a parade of folks with giant flowers or a solo woman burdened with an enormous bouquet).

These cards remind me of my sister, and of a moment in young adulthood when I realized being “grown-up” didn’t have to mean being stodgy or serious all the time. Plus, the magnetic-lidded box is such a pleasure to open and close, and though the original contents have dwindled, I still have a few cards stashed in there, waiting for just the right recipient. Best, Beth

P.S. I hope you don’t mind me including one of my own own hand-stamped cards for you to enjoy!

Thank you so much for writing in, Beth! I am so thrilled to receive a card from your precious stash — especially now that I just realized there are no Laura Stoddart cards on the Roger la Borde site (however, you can buy some limited edition prints on her site in the prints section). Isn’t it funny how a favorite paper can become infused with memories of a person, and from a certain time?

Thanks too for sending along a wonderful (and wonderfully packaged) card from lizardbreth. It’s obviously the result of a lot of time & meticulous effort. I have business cards on the brain after yesterday’s post and the idea of a custom block to stamp your own business cards is a brilliant one – especially in your distinctive and engaging style!


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