There are so many funky little letterpress houses, even I have trouble keeping them all straight. But one that stands out for its distinctive humor and compelling design is Bench Pressed.

The Minneapolis studio is the brainchild of husband & wife team Jane and Andrew Shannon, who started it out of their apartment in 2011 with the help of a tabletop press. Now they are the proud owners of three presses and offer a bevy of cards, but also create custom work, from business cards to wedding invitations. Maybe they’re a good fit for your next project? Here’s a tiny sampling of their work.

IMG_3465 copy IMG_3478 copy IMG_3543 copyIMG_3548 copyIMG_3553 copy IMG_3549 copy IMG_3556 copy IMG_3542 copy IMG_3560 copyShop all their cards here — and pick up a 6-pack of your choice for $25. Or find a nearby store here.IMG_3535 copy

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