I never knew this until I had a post office box, but the area they are in stays open 24 hours a day. That way, you can always access pop in whenever you like. For that reason, I don’t pay much attention to official business hours. That is, until a little yellow slip of paper appeared in the box, saying I received something too big to fit into it. Wouldn’t you know it, they had just locked the doors to the main part of the post office, but there were still people working. I caught the attention of one of them & held the paper against the window with a pleading look. He shook his head; I was out of luck.

Patience is not my strong suit, but I couldn’t make it back during business hours for several days. Whenever I got in my car, that yellow slip of paper looked at me like a question mark. Finally I picked up a nice-sized box, which revealed the goodies you see above and below. It’s from Tux Press of Bayside, New York — where the starring characters in Entourage hailed from — and contained several notes and a card. It reads:

Hi Sarah,

We read your blog and thought we would send you some mail. All the enclosed cards are from our recently launched paper goods Etsy store — Tux Press. Tux was born out of a combination of my love for sending and receiving mail and my need to be a a little more creative than I can be at my day job. Hope you like them.

— Emily (+ Mike) Rogers

Wow, these are fun! The boxed set actually features four blank cards, each bearing a British phrase. “I think you’re the dog’s bollucks” means “I think you’re the greatest!” The others are: “You’ve really taken the biscuit” (“You’re the best!”); “Darling, I think you’re smashing!” (“You’re the best!”); and “Care for a little rumpy pumpy?” (“Fancy a shag?”).  So fun! $10.

The others are lovely too: Holla Atch Yo’Girl  has a pretty ombre effect; the pretty abstract Tulips card has “congratulations” lightly screened into the upper right hand corner; and I love the colors on the Happy Birthday card. All are $3.75 each.

Thanks so much for sending these, Emily! These will very soon be on the way to George White, the last letter-writing campaign respondent I featured. I know he has teenage sons, so I’m guessing one will soon be gifted with the Holla card.


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