My mail bag is bursting at the virtual seams these days, so I’ve got three letters to share.

The first comes from Vanessa V. Hofmann, artist & architect at Studio Plank in Montana. The postcard comes from a wonderful mixed-media painting in her bikes series — looks like most of them have been sold already, so it was smart to print up some postcards!


On the back it reads:


Thanks for reminding me to write. I miss this. I LOVE writing heartfelt cards to my friends & family. As I write this I’m smiling with music playing in the background and me dancing.

Happy day to you! Vanessa V. Hofmann Artist Architect

Thank you Vanessa — I love it — and your work! Now we fly (first class) to New York’s Central Park West, to see an offering from Joana Miranda Studio. The sparkly gray envelope holds a card bearing a meticulously drawn and rather fashionable woman. That’s Josephine, Joana’s muse and possibly her alter ego.


I’ll let Joana fill you in on the dog:

Dear Sarah,

I’m so delighted that you are doing a card writing campaign on your site The Paper Chronicles.

Here is my humble submission. I create my fashion-based illustrations by hand with markers and ink. You’ll probably notice the great care I gave to the dog … in reality, I’m actually afraid of big dogs! This might just be my way to face that fear.

xox, Joana

If you are interested in seeing more work from Joana, visit her Etsy shop. She even offers custom fashionista illustrations, how wonderful!

Now we’re commuting to Connecticut for this letter from Mike Dopp, a fellow member of Greeting Card, Stationery & Gift Industry Gurus at LinkedIn and a customer director of national accounts at Hallmark. I definitely approve of his choice of writing paper — the correspondence card is a timeless Crane & Co. design with some nice weight to it, lending it a substantial air, as does its elegant pinstriped lining.


It reads:

Hi Sarah!

These are my favorite note cards. Simple, black-ink, bold. Your campaign is a winner — the written card, note, paper is a lost art.

Good luck in your endeavor!

Mike Dopp, Greeting Card “Guru”

Thank you so much, Mike! I have to say, it is such a treat to receive all these wee treasures, and then get to share them here. It is so easy to keep letter-writing alive and make use of those gorgeous papers languishing in drawers.

So send me a letter, card or postcard on your favorite paper and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. I will share it here, and then send you some writing papers along with a note for your efforts. Mike, Vanessa and Joana will all be getting lovely greeting card trios from Modern Marianne to liven up their own correspondence. Thank you all so much for your support!

Modern Marianne Card Collection Tangerine 1


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