This morning I’ve got a slew of responses to share, but before we go any further, I’ve got to warn you, I’m running a little behind here. Everyone has Valentine’s Day, not Christmas, on their mind, but I feel like I’m giving those TPC readers who have never experienced them a taste of what the winter gift shows are like.

The first time you go to Atlanta during the second week in January, it’s a little strange to  see Christmas ornaments, stockings and every conceivable holiday accoutrement on display as well as Mother’s and Father’s Day cards — there’s actually not too much Valentine’s merchandise, as those orders have often been placed long ago — but after a while you learn to ignore the season the product is intended for and just appreciate it on its own terms. I hope you can too, because there are some gems here!

The first response, from A Fresh Bunch member Yenty Jap, travelled all the way from Australia (that’s 10,217 miles for anyone counting, a TPC record!). It showed up mid-January, and as you can see from the before and after images, top and bottom respectively, it stayed pretty pristine during its long journey, the air mail sticker just got a bit bent.



For what it’s worth, I think sweater patterns are going to be big in both holiday and everyday offerings in 2014, the texture and implied warmth just feels cozy. Inside, Yenty wishes me Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year ahead.

Next up we’ve got this dazzling mailing sent by Bailey at Antiquaria, which appeared in my Post Office box a few days after my last Holidays By Design post. Any mailing from them is such a treat to receive — I feel like I see my own name with fresh eyes when it’s calligraphied like that!


Unfortunately I could not get a decent photograph the gold glitter liner inside the envelope — take my word for it, it is beyond dazzling! —  but I am completely enamored with it as well as the copper foil on the holiday card. Inside it reads,

“Dear Sarah, It has been lovely “meeting” you this year. Looking forward to seeing you in May in NYC 🙂

Best wishes for the New Year, Bailey (& Emma)

I am really looking forward to getting acquainted in person in May as well — as well as filling the foiled pastel pink notebook with pretty thoughts! (That’s a belly band encircling it that I lowered to take the photo.) I love it — the size is perfect to tow around in my bag and scribe in when the mood strikes me.

Last up we have a very pretty card postmarked January 21, so we’ve caught up to  the current year at least.


It’s the fabulous Fawnsberg Crocks & Jars folded note — and though I have covered the company in Stationery Trends a lot (more on that below) it’s so cool to receive a missive on it. Especially since the letter inside it, from Portland, Oregon, is utterly charming:

Dear Sarah,

I have been meaning to write you ever since you contacted me about the letter-writing campaign — I love the idea! That said, whew, what a week I had in the interim. Here in Oregon we’ve had a long stretch of low temps and fog, which for me is super conducive to writing and working on my website Tinkerbird. And maybe it’s because January — the urge to tidy up, find my desk under all the mess creative piles, and generally get on with it has struck.

But now, about this really fun Fawnsberg card. The clever and creative gals over there are hosting a 60 days of Letter-Writing Project, and if you signed up and agreed to do it (YIKES) they would send you a set of their cards. They arrived and are so, so fun. I am a texture gal, and appreciate the feel of the paper, and I love the quirky design. Has it helped my letter writing? YES; in fact, a lovely card and a sheet of paper seems to be the jumpstart for me.

All the best, Mackenzie

The Tinkerbird Girl

P.S. I am so enjoying the Paper Chronicles!

For those unfamiliar with Tinkerbird, Mackenzie Rivers charming blog is a joy to get lost in. What a great letter to receive — reading it was like making a friend.

Stationery Trends readers probably know that Fawnsberg’s Patricia Mumau is the subject of our winter designer profile. But I hadn’t seen this sweet blog post about it on the Fawnsberg blog until last night, so getting this letter was really rewarding in more ways than one. Profiling Patricia was entirely our pleasure!

Now we’re onto the really good part: the free swag, graciously donated by Marianne Mandrell of Modern Marianne. Marianne already participated in the campaign, and she also sent me a box of TWENTY dazzling modern card trios to share with TPC correspondents. They are so cute in person, and the pictures below can’t convey the premium stock she uses.

Modern Marianne Card Collection Tangerine 2 Modern Marianne Cubes A2 Tangerine Modern Marianne Honeycomb A2 Tangerine

These are just such a spot of crisp & clean brightness in the winter gloom — and after I send out three to the respondents above, I’ve got 17 more to share! So send your missive my way today — I want to see your favorite stationery and hear what makes it so. Send it to: The Paper Chronicles, Post Office Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Thank you so much,  Yenty, Bailey, Emma, Mackenzie and Marianne. Hopefully February is not too late for a New Year’s Resolution — mine is to get to my post office box more frequently!


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