My virtual mailbag is virtually overflowing, so I’ve got three great responses to share today.The first is an adorable, sunny yellow Mara-Mi folded note sent from Troy, New York. I’ve viewed the design as a JPEG, but seeing & holding it in three dimensions is something else entirely. I love the diminutive  4¾” x 3¼” size — it is perfect for short notes while still making a bright impact. And it is most splendidly accessorized with that zinnias stamp.


It reads:

Hello Sarah. Recently saw your message on the LinkedIn “Guru” group. The reason this is my favorite paper is because it uses color and design. Plus it seems to be cheerful & and uplifting. Good luck with your project. Peace, Lisa Perfetti

I agree, Lisa, and thanks for so much for writing! Lisa is a watercolor artist, and she’s obviously got a great eye for color. If you are interested in joining the gurus group, just search for Greeting Card, Stationery & Gift Industry Gurus and you’ll find it. My next one is a postcard that made its way to me all the way from another vowel state — Oklahoma — from Eufala to be exact. If you go here you can see the actual intersection depicted on the postcard.


It reads:


I love snail mail+ postcards + I print many a year. They are also are great to drop places for a random act of kindness! Beth

Beth, I absolutely adore the idea of leaving free stationery around for folks to find and hopefully use. In fact, I have quite a bit neatly boxed up in my garage — leftover from our last garage sale — that would be perfect for that. I just have to figure a place where I could unobtrusively leave it without it being considered littering. Any ideas are most welcome!

Meanwhile you can see more original works from Beth, as well as her offerings available for licensing at her website. I really love her acrylic landscapes.

My next card is from all the way across the pond, from Sharon Little, the chief executive of the British Greeting Card Association! That crown postmark is so fetching, and the card itself has a lovely heavy weight to it. I love the reverse silhouette.


It reads,

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your fantastic campaign! I love the colors and wonderful tactility the board in this lovely card from Lonetree. I’ve enclosed my card. We have a thriving UK Association with nearly 500 members, publishers of all shapes and sizes as well as retailers and specialist trade suppliers. Do take a look at our website!

With the very best wishes, Sharon

I feel like British stationery design has gotten really exciting in the past several years, and the Lonetree line, which I wasn’t familiar with, is simply gorgeous. You can see the card nicely photographed on their website here.

Meanwhile, I am so, so thrilled that Sharon reached out to me — rest assured I will be following up with her — and I really enjoyed looking around their website. I think it is brilliant to incorporate retailers into the GCA — that would be especially helpful in promoting the LOUIE awards amongst consumers here — and there’s nothing not to like about the British National Stationery Week. We definitely need one stateside!

Lisa, Beth and Sharon will be receiving card trios from the engaging Modern Marianne line — pictured below — and I must apologize that I’ve gotten behind in sending these out. We’re just going into production with our spring digital issue of STi, and my deadline to get all the materials in for our all-important spring issue of Stationery Trends is breathing down my neck. Yikes! Anyhoo, I am planning on putting aside some time this weekend to catch up with everything. Everyone’s patience is most appreciated. 🙂

Modern Marianne Card Collection Tangerine 2

In the meantime, participating in my campaign is easy. Just send me a letter, card or postcard on your favorite paper and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. I will share it here, and then send you some writing papers along with a note for your efforts.

Thank you all, so much, for supporting letter-writing and card-sending!

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