The holidays, the polar vortex and a bad hard drive really threw this campaign for a loop—but it is still going, and it is really wonderful to have a new piece to share here.

This folded note comes from Nashville’s Marianne Mandrell of Modern Marianne. I absolutely love this linear design that comes from her line, it reminds me of the winter sun on a snowy landscape. It reads:

Dear Sarah,

I love the idea for the letter-writing campaign! I fear that people today are forgetting how to really connect on a personal level, and anything we can do to reignite this critical part of human life is effort & energy well-spent. 🙂

Since you asked us to use our favorite stationery, I did. Perhaps it’s a little self-serving, but as a stationery designer I have a unique opportunity to give people a little of my “art” each time I send a note. This is my favorite from my new lines.

Have a wonderful week!

— Marianne Mandrell


Thank you so much for writing, Marianne! Please look out for a quartet of the lovely cards pictured below, generously donated by  Laura Huebner at Dotted Design Studio. TPC readers may remember Laura as a former respondent to TPC’s letter-writing campaign. Aren’t these designs gorgeous? I speak from experience when I say it’s a joy to open up an envelope and find these cheery, chic messages. They definitely brighten anyone’s day!

wonderful thank you ty3 ty_happy3

Finally, a New Year means hopefully new readers, all of whom I’d love to get acquainted with my letter-writing campaign. I started it in the hopes that that favorite stationery of yours — be it a correspondence card, folded note, greeting card, even a sheet of notebook paper — that is currently languishing in your desk drawer will find its freedom and get used.

So, write me on it. Tell me what the stationery is, who makes it, where you got it, or why you bought it—as well as any other details you’d care to share (I am nosy and like to know these things). Sign your name, stamp it and mail it here: The Paper Chronicles, P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. Please be sure to include your mailing address, so I can send some more goodies to keep you writing. I’ll also share your letter here.

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