Slovenia is approximately 4,511 miles from me, and London is but 3,733, so this lovely missive — from artist Petra Kern — is the current record-holder for traveling the farthest to reach me so far. The rectangular card folds at the side — I always love a subtle twist — and is graced with a lovely illustrated bunch of flowers and the words “Sreca pomaga pogumnim” (more about that later). Inside, the neat, sloping script reads:

Hello Sarah!

I am sending you one of my favorite X-mas cards. I like it because it has kind of a vintage feel, a mix of non-traditional Christmas colors … and … winter florals. A mix of old and new I would say.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cheers, Petra Kern


P.S. It says, “Fortune helps the brave.” (in Slovene).

I might add that it was mailed just before Christmas — 12/17 — and that it arrived the first week of the New Year. So while the international mail is a bit slower than its domestic counterpart, I must point out the envelope was quite pristine!


As you can see from her signature, Petra is but one talented artist in A Fresh Bunch, a global licensing community that as far as I know is one-of-a-kind. The company solicits work from a large design pool, then carefully curates images to present just the right ones to just the right manufacturer client seeking to use it on nearly any product. There is also an online marketplace where patterns and pattern collections can be shopped, purchased and instantly downloaded.

I have been shopping for a circular rug, and I actually think some of Petra’s designs would be perfect on one — now if someone would just manufacture it & sell it to me! Thank you Petra, for sending this lovely letter — and the cozy picture of you and son with it pre-mailing.


I will be sending you a quintet of cards from Julia McLemore of the Green Ink Gallery, who is one of the founding partners of The Card Crusade. I was honored when the TPC was asked to be a sponsor of the effort during the holiday season, but I really think the time is always right to send a note of gratitude — perhaps even more so past the holidays, when it’s easy to slip into a blue funk. I think everyone knows someone that deserves and could use a cheery note of thanks!

Julia’s work is distinguished by a compelling blend of flowers photographed in clear clean light and then printed on a good-quality paper stock. Petra, several of these designs will soon be on their way to you, to pass along to your friends. I can’t tell you exactly when they’ll arrive, but I’m sure they’ll brighten your day when they do!

Finally, I welcome any & all correspondents to participate in the campaign — just sent your missive to The Paper Chronicles, P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio, 44122. I’ll share your letter & send you more cards for your efforts.

Pic for Winner

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